Andy Gene Strickland Formula 1 Driver

Andy Gene Strickland Formula 1 Driver

First 5 Races of 2017 Calendar

1Formula 1 Beachcomber FloaterThe Ring Sands Open, AustriaJuly 2-5
2Formula 1 Maxwell StrykerGoaffer Billingsly Sheamer, HungaryJuly 11-13
3Formula 1 Hyper AnniversaryRotterdam, Holland July 18-21
4Formula 1 Titan Grand PrixFlorence, ItalyJuly 30- Aug 2
5Formula 1 Gran Zellow JumperOxford, UKAug 7- -9

Andy Gene Strickland Formula 1 driver continues to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather doing all he can to race to the finish line and grab as many points as he can for his team. Although he has not won a Formula 1 World Championship he continues to dazzle the fans and provide a unique driving experience in the field that tasks other drivers to take notice of his skill.

Mr. Strickland will do his best again this season as he goes for the World Cup in Formula 1 with his dynamic team of well known drivers. He follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who made their own path in the Formula 1 circuit.

Strickland won’t change his approach as his team demands he slow down in the turns. He states, life is fast and so aren’t the twists and turns that happen in life. He continues to run his Formula 1 car at a pace that is hard to maintain. His mechanic crew isn’t happy with the wear on the tires but love his passion for the race and boosting the teams morale with his style and grace.

In his last race, he was gutted by the team as he made a mistake in turn 7 while trying to pass another driver. He is one of the drivers you must pay attention too because if you don’t watch him he will pass you by when you least expect him to win. His driving skills were honed at an early age and he continues to push the limits of his car and himself.

F1 Top Crashes of the Last Decade

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